Product features with a system

Our machine lights are based on the newest LED technology that is made in surface mounted technology (SMT). This allows a high assembly density of the PCB for an especially compact design and economical production. elitra lights combine a high luminous efficacy with intricate and at the same time robust construction with appealing design.

Equipment and safety

elitra products are basically available in different equipment variants: light covers are available in satin-finish tempered glass, eventually also in clear tempered glass or diffuse acrylic glass, electrical connections with cable or plug connector. With regard to safety all elitra lights meet the highest requirements of standards as to protection type IP 67 as well as protection class III. They are thus suitable for coarse operating conditions.

Classification of article numbers

The system construction of our products ensures most different equipment variants. When ordering this classification also defines each nine-digit article number: The first four digits stand for the product, number five for the type of light cover, six for the optic (0 = none, 1 with lens), seven for the type of connection, eight and nine for the light colour.

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The products are split up into the following series:

Series "Compact" Series "Genio" Series "Planar" Series "Line"